Persian Rugs for Sale

Learn about our Persian Rugs for Sale:

Aref’s Oriental Rugs located in Bel Air Maryland, has a wide selection of Persian Rugs for Sale. These Persian Rugs for sale are unique in the fact that they are handmade and selected personally by our owner, Aref. All the Persian Rugs in our inventory are handmade and selected by our store owner, Aref Talanehzar.

Unlike manufactured rugs, our selection of Persian rugs for sale are made from heavy textile, with designs that have both utilitarian and symbolic purposes. Handcrafted in Iran and the surrounding area that once made up the great Persian Empire these rugs can be used for your home, office, or private collection.

Another factor that makes Persian Rugs such a wonderful purchase is the history behind each rug. Each rug can be traced back to the nomadic tribe, village, or workshop that it was designed in, due to the colors, design, and fabrics used. Most of the rugs for sale in our store come from regional centers such as Tabriz, Kerman, Mashhad, Kashan, Isfahan, Nain, or Qom. This is because of the specific weaving techniques these cities use producing high quality wool, colors, and patterns.


In addition to the sale of Persian Rugs:

Aref’s oriental rugs also cleans, repairs, and appraises Persian Rugs. To learn more about these services available please visit our Contact Us page today!