Oriental Rug Repair

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At Aref’s Oriental Rugs, we specialize in Oriental Rug Repair. We have been selling and servicing oriental and area rugs in Maryland since 1977. It is our promise that we will treat every rug thoroughly, regardless of it is handmade or a machine-made rug.

We start our oriental rug repair by evaluating each rug individually, looking for its origin, style, dye lot, and type of fabric. We do this so that we know how to treat your oriental rug accordingly. Our experienced staff will begin looking for wear and tear, pre-existing damage, color fading, stains, and much more. This will ensure that when we return the rug to you, it will be good as new and stand up the foot traffic it may endure!

Most of the rug repairs we do involved the following: pet stains, water damage, chemical spill or mishap, sun damage, and minor wear and tear.

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In addition to our Oriental Rug Repair we specialize in:

Aref’s Oriental Rugs also cleans, appraises, and sells rugs. To learn more about these services available, please feel free to visit our shop, contact us page, or give the store a call at (410) 879-2270.

About Aref’s Oriental Rugs:
Aref’s Oriental Rugs was established by Aref Talanehzar in 1973 on Main Street, Bel Air Maryland where it remains today. Since that time Aref’s has been selling retail oriental rugs, antique rugs, Persian Rugs, and Silk Rugs. In addition to selling rugs Aref’s Oriental Rugs also cleans, repairs, and appraises rugs for insurance purposes. To learn more about Aref’s Oriental Rugs please visit our About Us Page.