Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Cleaning Oriental Rugs with Aref’s:

If you buy a genuine Oriental carpet you know you have something that was made to last- but not necessarily to endure the scuffing of shoes, or pressure from heavy pieces of furniture. The main enemies of your oriental rugs are damp & dirt. This is because the dampness will rot the weave, and loosen the knots within the design. Dirt will seep into the rug and loosen the knots within the design, and cause the colors to fade or become distorted overtime.


Why cleaning oriental rugs with Aref’s is a good idea:

Simply put, we offer a different kind of cleaning and service for oriental rugs. We offer free estimates on all jobs, free pick up, free delivery, and there are no hidden charges! So please be sure to make the right decision and choose Aref’s Oriental Rugs for all your cleaning needs!

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